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Little Moon Essentials Passion Massage Oil 4oz.

Little Moon Essentials Passion Massage Oil 4oz.


Passion Body & Bath Oil - Massage Oil for Two, or Just For You! Passion makes your most romantic and memorable massage complete! Made with 100% pure essential oils traditionally known for their aphrodisiac and tension-relieving properties, this oil excites and nourishes the body into renewed energy and passion. Fragrant with the exotic scents of ylang-ylang, tangerine, cinnamon and more...this is seductive charm at its flower finest! Passion Oil is a great wedding gift for couples, and enhances any special romantic occasion. Warming & energizing, it stimulates the 2nd (sexual center) Chakra, to inspire enthusiasm for life and love. An especially skin-softening oil containing nothing artificial, this paraben-free massage treat is perfect for a moisturizing bath or shower, or a full-body rub for personal indulgence anytime you need a little love. Makes a romantic, aphrodisiac adventure for two, especially with its matching Passion Bath Salts! Passion Oil contains organic sesame oil, grapeseed oil, organic olive oil, 100% pure essential oils of tangerine, ylang-ylang, cardamom, and others. Oil-based and not considered 100% condom-safe - be cautious.

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