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Native American Tarot

Native American Tarot


"One of the most admirable things about this deck is that, far from being appropriative, the Native American Tarot is on-point with its indigenous cultural references. Designed by a lifelong Tarot reader of mixed native heritage, the granddaughter of a Shawnee spirit-talker and mentee of a Blackfoot medicine man, this deck has deep roots. Magda's husband, J.A., illustrated the cards with colored pencil which comes alive in powerful images featuring scenes from tribal life. The deck depicts symbolism from a diverse array of tribal cultures, including those from the American East, Plains, Northwest and Southwest. There is also a separate companion book for this deck entitled "Star Spider Speaks: the Teaching of the Native American Tarot" for those who would like to delve deeply into this well-assembled deck. I highly recommend this deck for readers with Native American heritage or respectful interest in indigenous spiritual and cultural practices."

-Jessika TuCrow, Tarot Reader


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