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Sahrlight Spritzers, 2 oz

Sahrlight Spritzers, 2 oz


Space Enhancing Spiritual Aromatherapy Spritzers for clearing, opening, grounding, awakening, and inspiration.  Their profound energetic properties are a simple tool to create a perfect environment in which to transcend, uplift, and meditate.

At Peace: Allamanda, Butterfly vine, Elderberry, Mugwort, Passion fruit, May apple, Clary Sage.  Essential oils: Jasmine and Lavender.

"Unwanted thoughts ebb away that allow  for things to unfold at their own pace-without blocking the natural flow.  In a relaxed manner the flow of events unfold in perfect time. It promotes a calm relaxed state, reduces anxiety and promotes peace in your heart. From a calm place you become self reliant to make choices unique to your path with confidence."

Clearing: Dandelion, Magnolia, Sunflower, Norway Spruce, Hydrangea, Milk Thistle, Apple of Sodom.  Oils of Papyrus, Lotus & Pine.

"Gentle cleanses and clears all energies in a space that does not belong to you.  It dissolves an accumulation of energies that are not yours or removes lingering stale energies from the past creating room for renewed positive energy to come in.  Protects personal space. Lifts & brightens energy.  Brings clarity, vitality, protection, support and is a mood enhancer."

Courage: Arugala, Dandelion, Forget Me Not, Heliconia, Lupine, Tabebuia, Pickerelweed, Willow. Oils of Sandalwood & Lavender.

"Helps maintain balance within your direct environment at times when your wisdom is challenged.  Keeps you centered; bringing you in touch with yourself.  Lifts any doubts and simultaneously frees knowledge that powerful wisdom already rests within you.  Dramatic occurrences around you no longer affect you the same way or they just seem to evaporate by seeing the bigger picture."

I am Love: Dandelion, Buckwheat, Herkimer Diamond, Bougainvillea, Bleeding Heart, Star of Bethlehem, Mugwort. Oils of Rose, Basil & Angelica.

"Helps to put the old programming aside creating room for the new to come in.  It brings you back to the belief that you are deserving.  It allows the transformation of misalignment back to its original perfection.  Makes it easy to see you are deserving and will always be provided for."

Protection: Boneset, Catnip, Geranium, Golden Yarrow, Iris, TI, Peony. Oils of Amber, Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang ylang and Lavender.

"Keeps you in balance as the world adjust to new ways of being.  Purifies and deflects energies caused by chaotic events from attaching to your personal field.  Assists you to remain filled with light and do your work without getting depleted by the dramas that are now in the full swing on a world wide scale.  When doing healing work and you need extra support keeping your personal space safe and clear in order to remain centered as you navigate through the raging storm around you."

Serenity: Dandelion, Hydrangea, Lotus, Sequoia, Lodgepole, Maple, Spider Lily. Oils of Frankincense, Myrrh & Orange.

"Evokes a deep sense of confidence helping with what seems impossible to overcome.  It greatly reduces triggering reactions while calming the mind.  Helps free your potential from where you choose your own path with respect to your own needs."

Strength: Allamanda, Palm, Bleeding Heart, Pinto Peanut, Begonia, Shell Ginger, Full Super Moon Equinox – Roatan, Ellecampagne, Nanche Tree, Pyramid Energy. Essential oils:  Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Clove, Patchouli. 

"Keeps you on the path that feels right to you. Serves as a compass offering supportive strength, direction, and perseverance. Pulls you through challenging times and offers encouragement while making you feel safe and secure with your personal choices. Promotes self-trust when feeling challenged to remain true to yourself. Ease  into new ways of being as you step into your true power with the gentle push of Pyramid energy."

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