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Simplers Botanicals Tamanu Oil 1oz.

Simplers Botanicals Tamanu Oil 1oz.


Used by Polynesians for decades, tamanu oil uniquely promotes the formation of new tissue and optimizes wound healing and the growth of healthy skin. True Tamanu Oil has natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and has been traditionally used to soothe muscle aches and pains and to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, insect bites and stings, sunburn, and blisters. Polynesian women, known for their beautiful skin, use tamanu oil to promote healthy, smooth, blemish-free skin. They also use tamanu oil on babies to prevent diaper rash and skin eruptions.True Tamanu Oil comes from the nut of coastal tamanu trees that grow on the island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. The nuts are wild-crafted, hand-cracked, and allowed to dry in the sun. The golden brown nuts are then cold-pressed, without the use of any heat or chemicals. The resulting oil is rich, dark green, and considered the finest tamanu oil in the world.

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