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Moonrise Herbs Short-Sleeved Unisex T-Shirt


Here are Moonrise favorite customers Nicole and Logan, showing us that our shirts are for everyone! They are wearing our short-sleeved black tee with ivory logo (currently out of stock). 

Here are our Spring 2020 colors:

Autumn: A warm rusty orange with a very light orange logo

Forest: A deep, cool-toned green with a light blue logo 

Navy Blue: Standard navy blue color with a light cream logo.

Oxford Black: Depending on the light, this color goes from black to a reddish, eggplant purple with a faintly pinkish, cream logo.

Raspberry: Deep heather-pink with a cream colored logo

Maroon: Deep wine color with a faintly pinkish, cream logo.

Teal: Deep teal blue with a lighter teal logo.  Pictures don't quite capture it!


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