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Chrysanthemum flowers, organic 1oz

Chrysanthemum flowers, organic 1oz

Chrysanthemum flowers (Chrysanthemum spp.)

According to traditional Chinese herbal theory, Chrysanthemum’s functions include nourishing Yin, dispersing ascending false Yang, dispersing wind and minor, occasional irritation (especially from the face, head and upper body), and calming and cooling the liver in normal healthy individuals.

 Also noted for its ability to support vision and eye health. It is widely used to brighten the eyes, improve vision and to clear minor, occasional irritation from the eyes. It helps to support the natural healthy moisture and coolness of the eyes. In Asia, it is used for minor, occasional eye strain, soreness and redness in normal healthy individuals. It is very widely used by those who experience mild, occasional dry eyes or redness due to irritation by dust, wind and outside temperature increases by normal healthy individuals, especially in the summer time.

 Chrysanthemum flowers have also been used to clear the mind. Consuming a relaxing cup of Chrysanthemum tea at bedtime is believed to improve one’s memory, especially when memory is overtaxed by mild, occasional overwork or stress, or due to too much thinking, reading, worry and/or computer work. Consumed during the day or in the evening, it helps relieve stress and tension in normal healthy individuals.

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