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Floral Elixirs

Floral Elixirs


by the Floral Elixir Co.

Rose: "To create our Rose Elixir we use the famous Damask Rose from Bulgaria, where only a few weeks per summer the roses are hand-picked when their scent and flavor are the strongest . This lends our Rose Elixir the unparalleled aroma and flavor of fresh roses that make it a luxurious addition to drinks." Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, filtered water, all natural rose water, Damask Rose extract, citric acid, plant-based color.

Jasmine: "Jasmine flowers, which only bloom at night, are known for their strong, sweet floral notes that many cultures have enjoyed due to jasmine's aphrodisiac and calming properties We use the distilled extracts of freshly picked jasmine flowers to create this exotic Elixir in both aroma and flavor. " Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, filtered water, natural jasmine extract, citric acid, natural plant-based colors.

Violet: "Violets have always been loved for their vibrant colors and rich flavor and enjoyed in foods and drinks. We created our own Violet Elixir to be intensive in both aroma and flavor." Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, filtered water, violet extract, citric acid, natural plant-based colors.

Elderflower: "Our Elderflower Elixir is made from the delicate flower petals of Elderflower, harvested by hand in the foothills of the French Alps each summer. A highly delicate flower, they are distilled the very same day to maintain its fresh aroma and flavors, which we source to make our Elixir. Enjoy its distinctive light floral notes with a mild citrus undertone." Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, filtered water, natural elderflower extract, citric acid, natural plant-based colors.

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