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Kelp Granules, 1oz

Kelp Granules, 1oz


Ascophyllum nodosum

Kelp provides a wide variety of minerals, including iodine. Kelp can stimulate the production of iodine-containing hormones (i.e. thyroid hormones), but mainly in iodine-deficient individuals. Iodine deficiency can result in low thyroid hormone levels or hypothyroidism. Increasing dietary iodine levels in iodine deficient individuals can increase thyroid hormone levels; this can increase the body’s metabolic rate and help to reduce obesity. It can also be helpful for treating fibrocystic breast disease.

Kelp also contains algin (sodium alginate), which is a polysaccharide. Kelp’s algin content is likely responsible for its demulcent properties. A soup broth, tea, or cold infusion can be consumed to coat and soothe the mucus membranes throughout the digestive tract. The polysaccharides have immune-stimulating potential, which can help enhance one’s resistance to disease. The algin, the fiber, and the potassium present in kelp contribute to its bulk laxative effect. Regular consumption of kelp has also been found to provide protection against radioactive strontium, helping to protect from the effects of radiation as well as to reduce the risks of exposure to radio-active materials.

**Contraindications: avoid the use of kelp in individuals with hyperthyroidism, or consult a practitioner prior to use.**

This information was written by Christa Sinadinos. It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. Please consult with your health practitioner for serious health conditions, or before combining herbs with prescription or over-the-counter medications.

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