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Spilanthes whole plant, organic 1oz

Spilanthes whole plant, organic 1oz


Spilanthes acmella

Spilanthes closely resembles Echinacea in many of its actions. One should notice a strong tingling sensation on the tongue after ingesting the flowers or extract. Spilanthes stimulates the parotid glands and causes increased salivation.

It also stimulates blood flow to the oral mucosa. It can be useful as a mouthwash and rinse for gum infections, degenerative gum diseases, and toothaches. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system and increases white blood cell count. Spilanthes also has anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal actions.

This information was written by Christa Sinadinos. It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. Please consult with your health practitioner for serious health conditions, or before combining herbs with prescription or over-the-counter medications.

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