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Water Expel Tea, organic 1 oz.

Water Expel Tea, organic 1 oz.


Ever get the "puffs"? Your ankles swell up, or it's not as easy to fasten your jeans in the morning. It’s that time of the month, perhaps? Or maybe you overindulged on ham salad sandwiches at the picnic yesterday. Or possibly that flight from Denver to San Francisco was way too long and you didn't want to climb over the sleeping passenger next to you in order to take a mini-stroll to stretch your legs.

Many factors contribute to water retention and edema, and that "puffy" feeling is not one anyone enjoys. In response, we've created our Water Expel Tea!

With kidney cleansers and mild diuretics, this tea is designed to flush the excess water from your system, leaving you more comfortable in your own skin! The ingredients in Water Expel are: Lemongrass, Dandelion Leaf, Chickweed, Horsetail, Parsley Leaf, Fu Ling and Orange Peel.

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