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Feliz Dia de los Muertos/Blessed All Souls Day!

Blessings to you and your families on this Dia de los Muertos/All Soul’s Day!  We wish you joy and healing as you remember your beloved dead in today’s celebrations. In many traditions, the days between October 31 and November 3 were considered days out of time when the veil between worlds was the thinnest and it was easier to communicate with those who have passed through.

If you hadn’t thought about including some herbs and flowers on your altar/ofrenda, here are some helpful herbs and their symbolism compiled by Gem Rigsby in her wonderful Herb Seed for Thought:

Calendula/Marigold for sacred affection, joy, remembrance and grief

Rose for love
Mugwort aids our connection to the psychic world, helps us be not weary, and brings tranquility/happiness
Zinnia for thoughts of missing friends
Garlic gives us protection, strength, healing
Chives for usefulness, they ask - why do you weep?
Angelica for inspiration and magic
Ivy for patience, fidelity, undying love, eternal life
Pansy brings happy thoughts, aids in meditation

*Any other herbs/flowers/plants that your loved one’s cherished in life.

You can place any or all of these herbs and flowers on your altar, you can make a wreath to hang or even place a little bit in a small sachet bag.

You can still participate in the community ofrenda in the Jacoby Storehouse you can come down and visit thru 9pm tonight.

You can check out Centro del Pueblo and all the wonderful work they do here:


We wish you all peace and healing wherever you are!


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