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Imbolc Tarot Spread - Tarot & Tea

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We hope it’s a happy Moonday for you, dear friends!  As the first days of February approach, many cultures around the world mark this time with celebrations of transformation, purification and renewal. In nature, we start the see incipient plants like snowdrops break the bonds of their seeds and rise from the frosty ground.  Like those intrepid plants, it’s the perfect time for us to wake from the inner dream-time of winter and embrace the fire of transformation so we too may break through to reach the fullest potential of our dreams!  For this week’s Tarot & Tea, we will focus on a spread that speaks to the ideas of this time rather than a particular card.

This spread could be called the Brighid’s cross, seed or simple spiral and the focus is really on transformation, growth and manifestation.  1. We have our Seed – What is the dream/idea/project that I wish to grow this coming year. 2. Quickening – What energies within me will aid me in initiating and fulfilling this dream? 3. Transformative Fire – What needs to purified/purged and released to aid my endeavor? 4. Strong Stem 1 – What energies – internal and external are most supportive to my dream right now? 5. Strong Stem 2 – What are the energies that will give this dream support in the long term? 6. Emerging Bloom – What is the outcome of this emergent path?

In the spread below, our seed is the Judgment card.  This card can be interpreted as facing what we must, releasing what no longer serves us and moving on to the new. Our Quickening takes the form of the Queen of Cups – developing our healing and/or psychic energies as well as being open to our spiritual, affectionate and loving nature could serve us well here. The Page of Cups is our Transformative Fire – this card suggests that our creative energy is flowing strong but the challenge is in how we express it. We should be open and curious about our emotions and unafraid to share what we think and feel. A caution would be to try and be sure we express ourselves with as much clarity as we can muster…perhaps St. Brighid will lend us her gift of words when needed! The Hierophant provides the base our Strong Stem: We’re looking towards creating or contributing to harmony within our community, possibly via cultural traditions, shared ritual or spiritual practice. Not necessarily practicing a tradition just for tradition’s sake, but as a structured means to gently unify our community and through that provide strength in difficult times.  The card that gives our dream its long-term legs is the 10 of Pentacles.  This card speaks of passing along abundance when we have more than enough for ourselves.  This can be material wealth but also time, energy, etc.  The Emergent Bloom or result of this path of growth is Temperance. Interesting that we begin and end our journey with Fire cards….  “Tempering” is essentially transforming a thing or situation bit by bit….moderation, if you will!  Little by little, small changes over time will provide the best way to manifest our best outcome.

I am really feeling our Positivi-Tea blend while working with this spread.  The Tulsi Basil is sacred and protective, Lemon verbena is purifying and strengthening, Rose petals open the heart, Spearmint heals, sharpens the mind and uplifts the spirit, Cinnamon has long been a holy herb that provides a host of energetic benefits and lastly, Ashwagandha is also strengthening and sacred.  Almost all of these herbs enhance spirituality and draw luck.  All together, these herbs provide a high-vibe, beneficial and centered space from which to work!


You can find the Universal Waite Tarot here:


And our positively wonderful Positivi-Tea here:

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