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Judgement - Tarot & Tea

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Good day, sweet Moonbeams. I’m glad you’re here checking out today’s installment of Tarot & Tea with Jessika TuCrow. The card for today, pulled from the gentle Connolly Tarot Deck, is Judgement. Card twenty of the Major Arcana, the message of this card is more positive than the name might suggest. This card can represent a moment of divine clarity in which we realize our calling and know what we need to do. Judgment enables us to see things in a new way so that, after the final call is made, we are able to move forward with a fresh start. Although it relates to a day of reckoning, Judgment opens us up to the possibility of absolution. When we acknowledge our wrongdoing, there is always an opportunity for atonement and redemption. We do not have to carry the burden of the judgment which has been made. Forgiveness of ourselves and others is the hidden jewel of hope which lies within the Judgment card.


The perfect pairing for this card is our new spiritual bath blend, Cleanse and Clear. This formula consists of Hyssop, Lemon Verbena, Lemon peel, Lemongrass, and Peppermint. Hyssop has been used in sacred bathing practices for thousands of years, and is believed to bring absolution of wrongdoing. Lemon Verbena, Lemon peel, and Lemongrass are all renowned spiritual cleansers and bring a bright, uplifting, loving energy to this bath. Potently clarifying, Peppermint is perfect for opening us up to a fresh start. The procedure for spiritual bathing is as follows: brew a large pot of strong tea with the herbs. Draw a bath and add the tea to it. Bless the enhanced bathwater with the intention to purify and refresh your being. Place two white candles on the edge of the tub and light them, stepping between them as you enter the tub. Bathe yourself thoroughly using only downward strokes, working your way from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet. Allow the water to flow out of the tub and visualize what you are releasing with it. Step between the candles as you exit the tub and rejoice, for you are starting anew!


Our featured deck for this week is the Connelly Tarot Deck, developed by respected Tarot expert Eileen Connelly in partnership with her son, Peter Paul Connelly. This is a lovely, bright deck with straightforward, easy-to-read imagery. Colored in vibrant hues such as hot pink, this deck possesses very encouraging energy. The Connelly’s’ work takes a sweet, gentle approach to traditional Tarot making this deck suitable for children and others who are sensitive and prefer to keep things on the more positive side. Transformation takes the place of Death as card 13 and the Devil card becomes Materialism, both appropriate alternates. This lively, beautiful deck has broad appeal and is ideal for Tarot enthusiasts of all levels of skill and maturity. I highly recommend checking it out!


Find the Connelly Tarot here:


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