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Little New Year's Rituals

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These days, going out amidst a bunch of folks to party through to midnight and beyond doesn't seem quite as fun as it once did.  If that's the case for you, we've collected some interesting, fun, and quirky rituals for you to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to a more peaceful & prosperous least that's the idea :)

1. Cleansing the home: Somehow, cleaning always feels appropriate in these transitive times!  Clean your home from top to bottom.  Do a smoke cleansing with your favorite herbs (we love cedar, juniper, rosemary, frankincense & myrrh). And when the smoke dissipates, sweep every thing out your front door.  Do all this with the intention of ridding yourself of what no longer serves you and inviting in what will.

2. Eat a dozen grapes at midnight.  This seems to be an adorable wishing tradition from Spain and Spanish colonized countries. You eat as many grapes as you can within the minute of midnight while making a wish with each grape.  Naturally, be very careful to chew thoroughly so as not to choke.

3. Gratitude in silence.  As we leave 2021, you may wish to follow a Russian tradition by observing silence in the minute leading up to midnight.  It is a way to show remembrance and gratitude for what has passed.

4. Wear some red undies!  A tradition in Italy & Spain, wearing some fresh red underwear may just pave the way for good fortune in the new year!

5. Eat your rings!  This seems to be a tradition in several different cultures, but apparently eating ring-shaped items like donuts, etc. bring good luck.  Wouldn't hurt to test this theory with some onion rings and ciambelline cookies!

6.  Spiced drinks.  Another tradition with many cultures is the drinking of spiced wines or juices.  We love our Moonrise Mulling Spices with apple cider or red wine!

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