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Nine of Vessels - Tarot & Tea

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Hey, Moonbeams! I'm Jessika TuCrow and you are all on my mind this fine afternoon, as you are every Moonday. This week's card is a blessing for all of us! The Nine of Cups is a famously happy portent, known among Tarot enthusiasts as the Wish Card. Obtainment, satisfaction, and enjoyment are suggested by the appearance of this welcome omen. A sensual appreciation of life overcomes us as we bask in the warmth of our many blessings. The appearance of this card points to potential fulfillment of a dearly held hope and a wonderful feeling of happiness which accompanies this dream come true. In a quieter manifestation, the Nine of Cups might nudge us to make the most of whatever good things exist in our life at any given moment. Appreciation of art, music and food are all ways to embody the essence of this card, and enjoyment of nature and the many forms of beauty that surround us can be wonderful sources of pleasure for us all. True contentment is as accessible as gratitude for all that we have.


Highlighting the energy of the Nine of Cups, our featured tea for the week is Velvet Tea. Sensual enjoyment is surely what you will experience as you sip a delectable cup of this dessert tea. Bright red rooibos and smooth, refreshing mint are embellished with little bits of yummy dried apple, cacao nibs, and actual chocolate. A hint of sweet vanilla elevates the whole blend into ultimate luxury status. A special blend from Art of Tea, this gently caffeinated tea is made with Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Rich and smooth, you will easily see why it is called Velvet Tea! Take a minute to savor each sip of your life with a cup of this indulgent red tea blend. I suggest you come on by Moonrise Herbs and to treat yourself to some of this drinkable pleasure this week!


The deck I'm working with today is The Native American Tarot by husband and wife team, Magda and J.A. Gonzalez. One of the most admirable things about this deck is that, far from being appropriative, the Native American Tarot is on-point with its indigenous cultural references. Designed by a lifelong Tarot reader of mixed native heritage, the granddaughter of a Shawnee spirit-talker and mentee of a Blackfoot medicine man, this deck has deep roots. Magda's husband, J.A., illustrated the cards with colored pencil which comes alive in powerful images featuring scenes from tribal life. The deck depicts symbolism from a diverse array of tribal cultures, including those from the American East, Plains, Northwest and Southwest. There is also a separate companion book for this deck entitled "Star Spider Speaks: the Teaching of the Native American Tarot" for those who would like to delve deeply into this well-assembled deck. I highly recommend this deck for readers with Native American heritage or respectful interest in indigenous spiritual and cultural practices.


Find the Native American Tarot here:


 And the decadently delicious Velvet Tea here:



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