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Tea Bags vs. Loose Leaf

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We’re still going strong in celebrating National Hot Tea month and our 25% off Moonrise Herbal tea blends sale! Today we wanted to share a little info about bagged vs. loose leaf tea.

Now we may be a bit biased in this area but we can’t help but prefer the quality and flavor of loose leaf tea!  The tea in bags is usually made from broken tea leaves and this can contribute to a loss of aromatic essential oils and flavor.  There are some whole-leaf teas that are bagged, but these are much rarer than the “dust and fannings” (the small pieces of tea left over after the higher graded teas have been processed).  This is because the unfurling of tea leaves allows for better infusion and extraction of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals….not to mention improved flavor and aroma.

We understand that tea bags are super-convenient for use and clean up, and for some it is as natural as breathing air….impossible to give up!  However, we do encourage you tea bag lovers to try bagging your own loose leaf teas….just to try.  Who knows?  You may end up loving it so much more than your pre-bagged favorites!

We’ll talk about other methods of imbibing tea in a future post, but you can find some wonderful tea bags and other tea accessories here:



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