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The Hierophant - Tarot & Tea

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This Valentine’s week, we are ruminating on Heart Medicine – what is our path to healing, opening and protecting our hearts? The deck for this week is Vanessa Decort’s Sun & Moon Tarot, chosen for its gentle sweetness and unique perspective.  This deck combines many influences (Alchemy, Kabbalism, Jungian psychology, astrology, etc.) with a tangible Thoth influence.

The card that chose to manifest today is The Hierophant, number 5 of the Major Arcana.  This card is often interpreted as a sign of wisdom – learning and teaching – and spiritual lessons, harmony within community and often a relationship to organized religious structures. The Hierophant is drawn with strong Buddhist & Hindu symbolism in the Sun & Moon Tarot.  Our bodhi is seated at the bottom of a banyan tree; a highly sacred tree in both traditions that frequently represents immortality and, much like The Hierophant himself, a bridge between heaven and earth….the spiritual and the material.  Further, the symbols of the lotus, the position of his arms (right hand up and left hand down), the hexagram on his shirt are all representations of this connection between the sacred and the mundane.  His staff is taken straight from the Thoth tarot and represents the 3 Aeons (Isis-Osiris-Horus/Woman-Man-Child).  You can find out more about the 3 Aeons here: ).  Decort breaks down these concepts as Woman (Intuition), Man (Wisdom), and Child (Perception).  The Hebrew symbol of Vav can be said to represent the idea of connection, and I feel that is the strongest message of this card to us when thinking about Heart Medicine.  Rather than approach our love or emotions with rigid ideas or fears of what we may lose, let us walk the heart path with openness using our synergized connection of intuition, wisdom and perception.

The perfect tea for walking this path is the Happy Heart Tea – our newest Moonrise blend!  It contains Hibiscus, Hawthorn, Linden, Motherwort and Rose petals and is lovely, lucky, opening and protective for our hearts both energetically and medicinally.  Harmoniously grounding and uplifting, this tea can be a strong aid in bridging that connection between heaven and earth!

Find the Sun & Moon Tarot here:

And the Heart Health blend here:


**Remember this is just one novice's exploration of this card with this question in mind. Do you feel like the Hierophant has another message for us?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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