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Three of Cups - Tarot & Tea

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Hi, Moonbeams! I'm Jessika TuCrow and this is another installment of Tarot & Tea. It's good news from the oracle as we see the joyful Three of Cups extending us all a heartfelt blessing. This is a card of harmony and happiness, positively overflowing with emotional abundance. The Three of Cups is about experiencing a juicy connection with our tribe. This is that feeling when we are laughing with our friends--I mean, really laughing from deep down in our bellies so that we think we might slide onto the floor in a giggling heap! This card is about precious moments spent in the company of people who we truly enjoy. The Three of Cups is a cooperative card and loves to see us working together to help each other thrive. So much joy can be found through healthy energy exchange with others. Keep your heart open for true connection so that you are able to receive the gifts of the Three of Cups. When we experience the joy of friendship, our emotional cups overflow with gratitude to be able to share life's beauty with such beloved companions.


Happiness is always best when shared, so why not share a little Happy Tea? I've often said that this blend is the best smelling jar in the shop. Organic Guayusa, dried Raspberries, Green Rooibos, Apple bits, Jasmine Green Tea, Hibiscus, and Rosehips culminate into a super tasty, well-balanced tea. Sweet earthy notes are highlighted with bright bursts of fruit and a delicate breeze of floral aroma, lending Happy Tea a complex and unique profile. Guayusa, a relative of the better known Yerba Mate, is considered a "clean" source of caffeine and also contains amino acids which support relaxation. Overall, Happy Tea is just a perfect tea for enjoying with a friend because everyone loves being happy! Stop by Moonrise and pick up a stash for yourself and a gift bag for a loved one. Sharing is caring, folks. 😉


I've pulled today's card from one of the best-selling Tarot decks of all time, Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. Vividly painted in oils by Lady Frieda Harris, this striking deck is not only beautiful to look at but is also extremely influential. Published in 1969, many modern decks are based off the Thoth Tarot. This was the first deck to name the pip cards, a sought-after feature which makes this deck both simple and confusing to learn. Crowley's take on the Tarot is rather unique and arguably profound. Although they are all present in one form or another, the traditional court cards as well a couple of cards in the Major Arcana have been renamed and rearranged. There is great esoteric meaning behind the changes Crowley made to the Tarot. The Thoth Tarot is particularly powerful and caution must be taken by inexperienced practitioners when working with this deck. Though the Thoth Tarot is one of the most popular decks with new Tarot readers, I can't say I recommend it universally to everyone who admires its aesthetic. Because the substance behind its images is rather weighty, I suggest purchasing the companion book written by Crowley in order to gain a deeper understanding of the mighty Thoth Tarot if you are feeling drawn to this deck.


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