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Blessed Holidays! We're Open!

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Then we sit and share the feast, 
As we pass bread and wine around. 
As blessings from mingled voices... 
"Never hunger," "Never thirst" abound.
All too soon the rite is ended, 
And we greet the newborn day. 
As we clasp hands together, 
This wish we send your way....
It's no matter your tradition, 
Be you family, friend, or guest. 
We wish you joy and peace, 
And may your Yule be Blessed!!
-Isha Arrowhawk


Blessed holidays, moonbeams!  We wish you all safe, at peace and, we hope, surrounded by love this Christmas Eve.  If you find yourself of some last minute, herbal and/or gifting needs, and are up to braving the winds and the rain, we are open until 4pm today.   

We've got delicious teas, unique gifts and special stocking stuffers waiting for you! We are also processing online orders today as well!

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