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Flower Essences & Skin Care

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Continuing our Summer Skin Care series, we wanted to talk about some ways you can incorporate them into your skin care routine and topical first aid.  Happy #floweressencefriday, moonbeams!

The first flower essence that comes to mind for us is Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris).  While it is not as popular in many herbal circles as it once was, this beautiful yet unassuming purple-flowered “weed” is described in the FES Repertory as “one of the most fundamental and broadly applicable remedies for true soul healing and balance”.  No matter your skin type, balance is truly what we’re after in seeking healthy, radiant skin. You can add the flower essence to your favorite lotion, cream or serum or even make your own! Austrian FE Practitioner Helga Suntinger has also had great success using it as a topical first aid remedy in cases of skin allergies, scar recovery, neurodermatitis and more. It also blends beautifully with many other flower essences and healing modalities for a more holistic recovery process.  After all, “the great lesson and powerful gift of Self-Heal is to enable the Self to affirm and to draw from the deep wellspring of etheric life toward true recovery and restoration”.  There is also a study showing that when Self-Heal and the rosmarinic acid from Rosemary are added into a skin care routine, they can have photo-protective and UVA-protective effects.  Here’s a link to a fantastic serum developed by the lovely Rosalee de Foret:

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) can be a lovely addition to your skin care regimen if you have red, itchy, “irritable” skin.  Chamomile brings its sun-like radiance and soothing energy to calm sensitivities and bring a balance to stressed skin. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) can also be used in much the same way for those who don’t wish to use chamomile or have an allergy to it. As an added benefit, one of Calendula’s lovely energetic properties in to remind us to communicate gently and with warmth in our words so it can make a great addition to lip balms as well!   Just add a few drops of either or both essences to your existing skin care products and bring some soothing sunshine into your life!

One final essence I’d like to mention today is Pretty Face (Triteleia ixioides).  Though it is not specifically recommended for skin care, it is indicated to encourage the soul to contact its true inner luminosity….essentially to find our own beauty within.  If you decide to add pretty face to your skin care routine, do so with intention and remember the mantra “I am beautiful inside and out!”  Feel your soul’s innate radiance beam out of you and allow it to fill you with confidence.  Pretty Face aids us in getting beyond fixations with cosmetic beauty and into a balanced state of self-acceptance for the beauty that we individually express…. how could we not feel good in loving our own beauty as it is? And as we know, when we feel good, we look good! 

Have you used flower essences in your skin care regimen? Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below!


#moonriseherbs #summerskincare #floweressences #naturalskincare #plantenergetics #selfheal #chamomile #calendula #prettyface #skinserum

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