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Summer Face Care

Happy #herbalwisdomwednesday, moonbeams!  Its summertime, friends, and weather changes can often mean that we need to switch up our skin care routines and buying new products can get expensive, so today we are delving into the world of DIY herbal face cleansers! 

Coco-Charcoal Cleansing Oil – We know Charcoal peels are all the rage, but some of them can have some pretty hinky ingredients and have been shown to cause some skin damage.  This simple but effective formula cleanses and nourishes while leaving your epidural layer healthy and intact.

1 cup coconut oil (cleansing, antifungal)

1 – 2 teaspoons activated charcoal powder (exfoliating, drawing, purifying)

1 – 2 Tablespoons pure baking soda (antifungal, anti-septic, exfoliating) *Optional

5 drops organic lavender essential oil (Soothing, anti-inflammatory)

5 drops organic cedar essential oil (Grounding, anti-septic)

Gently warm the coconut oil until it is in liquid state.  Add your other ingredients and mix until fully blended.  Gently massage onto face and neck. You can leave this on up to a few minutes if you like. When ready, remove with warm water and washcloth (or whatever you prefer). *This formula is gentle enough to use as a makeup remover but be careful not to get directly into your eyes*

Soothing, Skin-Enriching Blend – Works well for most skin types, this powder blend gently draws impurities while soothing dry, itchy, red skin. 

½ cup dry oats (or oat flour)

½ teaspoon chamomile flowers (replace with calendula if you have a ragweed allergy) (soothing, antinflammatory)

½ teaspoon rose petals (astringent, soothing)

1 Tablespoon French green clay (or use your favorite clay.  We like this one because it is more soothing)

Glass jar for storing

Use coffee grinder/blender/Vitamix to grind oats and herbs to fine powder, then blend with clay.  When ready to apply to face, mix with a bit of water or oil (depending on your skin’s needs) and massage very gently onto face.  By its powdery nature, this blend has exfoliating properties, so we encourage you to be gentle with it. *Feel free to replace dry herbs with essential oils if that feels better to you*

Cool It Now Gentle Cleanser – Cooling and cleansing, this blend even works well for sensitive skin.  You can refrigerate it for an uplifting and awakening morning facial cleanse, too! 

½ cup aloe juice or gel (find a gel with the least amount of preservatives/additives)

1-2 Tablespoons Rosewater

1 – 2 Tablespoons of your favorite oil (Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Sunflower, Sesame, etc.)

10 drops organic lavender essential oil

5 drops organic rose essential oil

4 oz glass bottle

Blend all your ingredients in glass bottle.  Ingredients will separate over time so shake vigorously before use. Apply to face and massage gently.  Rinse with water and you’re good! * Avoid contact with eyes due to essential oils.*


If desired, follow all of these with a gentle toner and moisturizer.  Don’t forget the natural organic sunscreen before you go out!

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