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King of Cups - Tarot & Tea

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Hey, sweet Moonbeams! Glad to have you here for this week's Tarot & Tea. Today, I've pulled the King of Cups. He is a stoic figure, indeed. Although his emotions run very deep, he is able to hold himself apart from their tumultuous influence. His decisions are just and rational, regardless of his personal feelings in a situation. His calm demeanor and emotional stability comes from a deep-rooted sense of security in himself. Because of this, the King of Cups embodies tremendous grace and patience with others. He accepts people's differences and limitations, showing understanding when those around him fall short. His wisdom lies in his well-rounded understanding of human nature. This guy just “gets it.” He achieves his goals through subtle influence, discerning the needs of others, and cultivating harmony. The loving attention that King of Cups provides gently urges those around him towards their own inner growth. He is deeply compassionate and always ready to do what he can to help those who truly need it.


Our tea for this week is classic Earl Grey, a true king of cups! Here is the indisputable beverage of choice of the prestigious Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, a fictional character who certainly embodies all of the best qualities of this week's card. China Black Orange Pekoe tea leaves—perfectly fermented and scented with a refreshing touch of Bergamot essential oil—comprise a delicate balance of essences which synergize to become the stuff of legend. The tea which would come to be known as Earl Grey was created in the early nineteenth century for the enjoyment of Lord Grey of Northumberland, who requested a scented tea be made which would hide the unpleasant qualities of the local water. The guests of his estate, Howick Hall, were so impressed with the tea they were served that the drink quickly caught on, and this much-revered libation has been favored by tea-drinkers for two centuries now.


This week's featured Tarot deck is the Mystic Faerie Tarot. This is an absolutely gorgeous deck, painted in watercolor by renowned fantasy artist, Linda Ravenscroft, in her signature style. The imaginative imagery depicts faeries, mermaids, nymphs, sprites, and dragons alongside beautiful botanicals, fun fungi, and sweet little animals. This deck is easily readable, with each depicted scene being relatively straightforward in its meaning. Something unique about this deck is that some of the Minor Arcana cards show a sequence of events as each subsequent number of the suit unfolds. I have found this type of card progression to be uncommon in Tarot decks. The Mystic Faerie Tarot has a clear, direct energy to it, although its aesthetic is wonderfully fantastical. I recommend this lovely deck to all my magickal faerie folk!


You can find the Mystic Faerie Deck here:


And our scrumptious Earl Grey tea here:


#moonriseherbs #tarot #mysticfaerietarot #kingofcups #earlgrey #earlgreytea #compassion #gentlewisdom #subtleinfluence #jeanlucistheman



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