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Mother Mary Oracle - Tarot & Tea


Hello, Moonbeams! It’s so good to be back with you for Tarot & Tea. This week, we are actually using a beautiful oracle deck. As a lifelong Tarot reader, my personal preference is usually working with the Tarot over oracle decks. Recently, I discovered Alana Fairchild and her wonderful oracles! They have delighted me so much that I’m excited to feature them over the next couple of weeks. Today’s deck is the nurturing Mother Mary Oracle.

Two cards jumped out at me today, quite literally! Because it’s been a while since we’ve had Tarot & Tea together, doubling up seemed suiting. The first card for this week is Our Lady of Great Power. What a stunning image! “My robes form the heavens above. In my sacred feet, the earth spins. In my eyes, the stars of the night sky are born and shine. My hair forms galaxies, and in my heart, many suns burn with divine love. What is there that could be greater than I? I that am all. I that am love. Any fear? Any doubt? Any problem or concern? I hold you in my being so vast. There is nothing more powerful than I. I am the love that is all you are.” This card speaks to the spiritual leadership of the Divine Mother and her intention to empower us all beyond our doubts. We are not in this alone! We have the support of the greatest force in the Universe… Love!

The tea that I have chosen to pair with Our Lady of Great Power is Crone’s Power Surge. Motherwort, Peppermint, Marshmallow Root, Sage, Oatstraw, Red Clover Blossoms, Borage, Cardamom Pods, Cinnamon Chips, and Vitex Berries act as a perfect support tea for women entering into the Crone phase of life, as well as for those who already wear their silver crown. But wait… It’s not just for elder women, or even just for women! Crone’s Power Surge Tea is amazing medicine for anybody who feels they could use a boost of wise woman energy. This tea embraces and empowers the seeker with the medicine of the Divine Feminine in her ultimate form.

The second card that came to my attention was Our Lady of the Rose Crown. “You are my child and a royal divine being. I protect your spiritual deepening now, as you descend further into the living divine heart, and know all to be love. As the mysteries reveal themselves to you now, divine rapture awaits you. I shall keep you grounded and authentic, productive in the world that needs your light, even as I guide you into ecstatic communion with your holy nature.” The message of this card is about moving up to your next stage of spiritual development. Through this spiritual growth spurt, we can come to trust that in whatever crisis or challenge we might be facing, the Divine has our best interests in mind. There is a great lesson plan being presented to us at this time and our growth is lovingly supported by the Great Mother.

The tea I have matched to Our Lady of the Rose Crown is Currant Tumeric Rose by Divinitea. Containing Organic Black Tea, Rose Petals, Tumeric, Chili Flakes, Blackcurrant Leaf, Cornflower, and Natural Black Currant Flavors. This delicious, fragrant tea invigorates and inspires both body and heart. The feeling of strength and beauty that this blend bestows feels very resonate with the message of the card.


The Mother Mary Oracle is authored by Alana Fairchild and illustrated by Shiloh Sofia McCloud. It is truly a gorgeous, 44-card deck full of richly folkloric imagery of the Divine Feminine. Alana Fairchild unconditionally presents loving truths that support personal growth and empowerment. The Christian basis for this deck is openly inclusive and embraces people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds. This is the perfect oracle for anyone who venerates Mother Mary or who just feels that they need a mother’s touch in their lives.


You can find the Mother Mary Oracle here:


Our Power Surge Tea is available here:


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