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The Fool - Tarot & Tea

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Hello, Moonbeams! Thanks for stopping by for Tarot & Tea with us today. This week’s card is The Fool. As card zero of the Major Arcana, The Fool constitutes both the first and the last card of the Tarot’s trump suit. The Major Arcana, or trump suit, of the Tarot tells a story of human development in which the Fool plays the central character. He represents both the folly of youth and a journey into the unknown. The Fool is spontaneous because he has an innocent faith in the flow of life. Without worry or care, he relies totally on his instincts and on the innate benevolence of the Universe. The Fool loves to play and enjoy being alive! He follows his heart’s desire and lives completely in the moment. Though he might seem a bit crazy, there is a divine wisdom that lies within the Fool’s folly. As he reaches the end of his journey, discovering his role as the final card of the Major Arcana, he returns to a state of innocence. No longer out of naiveté, now his silliness stems from experience that has taught him not to take life too seriously.


The tea that I’ve paired with The Fool is Chocolate Monkey from Art of Tea. There’s no serious reasoning behind this pairing, of course, but logic is lost whenever The Fool is involved. I chose this tea because it’s delicious and has a name that feels a little silly! Made with organic and fair trade ingredients, this tea is South African Rooibos, South African Honeybush, Cacao nibs, Apple bits, Banana bits, pink Peppercorn, ground Chocolate, and natural Banana flavor. A very tasty and fragrant chocolate banana brew, Chocolate Monkey sure to delight the playful ape in you!


The deck I chose to work with this week is the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. This eerie, whimsical deck features fantastical art with a mysterious lunar vibe. Although the shadowy tone does not make for a cute deck, there is a peculiar capriciousness to the Deviant Moon Tarot that is positively delightful. Think of a Tim Burton film or the movie Mirror Mask and you’ll have a good idea of the character of this deck. Although the imagery is outstandingly original, the symbolism remains faithful to traditional Tarot which makes it a great deck for both beginner and established readers. I highly recommend the Deviant Moon Tarot to those with a dark aesthetic sensibility.


Chocolate Monkey tea is available here


And the Deviant Moon Tarot can be found here


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