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A Magical Formula for Poison Oak Relief & More!

herbal first aid poison oak soothing

A Magical Formula for Poison Oak Relief & More!

  As the weather warms, and we wander Nature’s winding trails more often, we are more susceptible to exposure to poison oak/ivy, bug bites and other irritants that cause itchy, inflamed conditions.  One of our favorite time-tested formulas to ease, calm and relieve these symptoms is East Hill Herbals’ Manzanita Magic.  We’d love to celebrate #herbalwisdomwednesday with you and share a bit about the herbs in this consistently effective formula.   Manzanita (Arctostaphylos manzanita) – Used for poison oak relief by native peoples in North America for countless generations, Manzanita leaf teas have disinfectant and soothing properties.  The berries are...

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