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Herbal Mocktails!

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Tired of waking up feeling awful after a night of drinking alcohol? The headaches, the nausea, sensitivity to light and sound all can be avoided when you introduce yourself to Mocktails! Why not have the same bubbly sensation without the devastation to your body. Grab yourself an herbal syrup, soda water, and maybe one of your favorite tinctures or glycerites and BOOM! A delicious and nutritive beverage to enjoy alone or with friends. Below are so fun options to experiment with! Remember to bring the ice and some fancy glasses 😊 Your liver and mind with thank you for it later!


*Simple Syrup Recipe*

½ Cup Sugar

½ Cup water/any favorite tea of choice

Combine in a small saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves and put into a glass jar to cool. Keep refrigerated, will keep for about a month.


*Lavender Lover*

Lavender Simple Syrup

Lucious Love Tea Blend from Moonrise Herbs

Lemon Juice

Soda Water + Ice

Rose Petals (for decoration)


*Blue Bliss*

Butterfly Pea Flower Syrup

Kava+Rose Glycerite

Sweet Lemon Hibiscus Zinger Tea Blend from Moonrise

Soda Water + Ice

Calendula Petals (for decoration)


*Chai Blossom*

Masala Chai Syrup

Orange Peel

Orange Bitters

Ginger Kombucha + Ice

Calendula petals or fresh Marigold blossom (for decoration)


*Dreamy Chocolate Deliciousness*

Dark Chocolate (melted)

Choice of Milk

Digestitibili-Tea from Moonrise Herbs

Rosemary Sprig (for decoration

Black Peppercorn

(hot or iced)

Photo by Charlotte May

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