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Blessed Mabon & Autumn Equinox!

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As the days grow short and the crisp fall air graces our skin, we welcome Mabon, a week-long Pagan celebration of Autumn that flows from September 21st-29th. Naturally, we start so slow down and that inspires us to look back in gratitude for the abundance the summer brought into our lives. The Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, is the day of equal balance between day and night. This is a great time to take stock of every aspect in our lives and try to find a better balance within all the aspects that make us who we are. Working with this upcoming Libra energy will help with equilibrium, love, harmony, artistry, and self-care. There are many plants that can aid in this cozy transition. Cinnamon is a quintessential autumn ingredient that can be added to just about anything from apples pies to pumpkin spiced lattes. She supports a healthy digestion and helps with blood sugar regulation. Another lovely fall staple are apples. A symbol of love and immortality, they may be used for delicious mulled ciders or used as an offering to give thanks for the bountiful harvest. Also, apples are high in fiber and may contribute to healthy cholesterol levels. Lastly, looking at our root friends, they are the strongest this time of year as they are preparing to sustain the plant till spring. Ginger and turmeric are not only warming from the inside out but they contain amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. Burdock helps remove toxins from our blood and help fight against infections. Dandelion is highly nutritious and promotes a healthy liver. So prepare your immune system for the changing of the seasons and grab a nice cup of hot tea. Many blessing for this Mabon and may your celebration be magical!

Art Credit to Josephine Wall

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