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7 Cups - Tarot & Tea

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We hope it is a happy Tuesday for you, friends! Welcome back to Tarot & Tea!

Today’s card comes from the iconic Motherpeace Tarot….oh, she of the round cards and Goddess spirit! This deck was created in the late 70’s by Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble.  This deck features figures from what the authors consider to be more Goddess-centered cultures & eras around the world. The Motherpeace deck can be considered more feministic & often reads more positively than traditional decks.  I believe this was the first deck to feature rounded cards and that is intended to offer a more accurate energetic tuning than just upright/reversed.  It’s a very special, unique deck and very much worth working with if these notions appeal to you.

The 7 of cups is our card for the day. In this deck, we see a woman on the water’s edge. She appears to be holding a scroll.  In front of her are 6 cups with a seventh atop her head on which is a dove.  A substance flows from this central cup into all the other vessels. In traditional decks, the 7 of Cups speaks of choices, opportunities, wishes, illusions & dreams and these notions do come through in the Motherpeace version.  Here, rather than the Fantasy that is sometimes attached to this card, we see an almost sibylline prophetess sharing her vision.  The view may not be clear right now, but if we immerse within and process through our subconscious, visions & dreams to find our heart’s wishes & core truth, we will always make the “correct” choice.  The astrology of this card is Venus in Scorpio. I have read that this placement can represent the Goddess descending into her greatest darkness to find her radiant heart and leave behind the excess…or whatever it is that does not serve her. That seems fitting here.

What could our tea for the day be other than the Dream blend?  This soothing blend of Venusian herbs Damiana, Mugwort & Roses combines with Chamomile, Hops, Lavender, Lemon Balm & Rosemary to take you to the dream world while still keeping a sensual, grounded tether to your physical body

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