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Blessed Beltane!

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A Blessed Beltane eve to you all! Beltane is the considered High Spring in the pagan calendar of the Northern Hemisphere and symbolizes the Earth's most potent fertility, sacred union, passion, creation, vitality & joy.  Jumping through a bonfire is a commonly seen activity from the Celtic tradition in order to honor the gods, the sun & earth,  as well as purify and enliven the body & spirit.  It could also be done by couples wishing to strengthen their commitment or bond.

This particular May Day falls on a New Moon in Gemini with a solar eclipse so mind your magical workings.  This may be an especially beneficial time to work on divination, dreamwork & intuition, and communication.

Colors for this sabbat are green, red, silver/white.  All the spring flowers are exalted as well as Hawthorn (find out more here), Rowan, and Birch trees.  This is a perfect time craft flower crowns, go barefoot into nature, fire dance (if you’re comfortable/safe), conceive your most brilliant ideas, create all those herbcrafts you have been wanting to, watch the sunrise and really connect with the earth and with your community.

We wish you a blessed & beautiful May Day!

If you are looking for a bit of community celebration, we will be out on the Plaza this Sunday with the lovely Splendid Spring May Day Celebration with food, music, dancing, artisans and much more to benefit Coastal Grove Charter School.  We’ll be offering free tea samples and discount coupons, so come on by for a visit!

*Art Credit: Unknown (let us know if you can find the artist!)

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