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Classes Coming Up This Week!

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Hi Friends,

We have some incredible classes coming up for you this week so don't wait to sign up!  Unless noted, you can register by calling 707-822-5296 or drop by Moonrise Herbs!

Holistic Stress Management with Irene Lewis

Tuesday, September 24, 7:00 – 8:30pm,

Cost: $25

When we are under high amounts of daily stress it affects every single body system. Learn which herbs and essential oils can help moderate your stress response and enhance your well-being.



8 Wednesdays, October 2 - November 20 from 7-9:30 pm, Cost is $420

This series is an excellent introduction to the world of healing plants for the beginner and those with more experience as well.  These classes will guide you through the gentle, healing way of herbs. Includes field identification, herbal first-aid, demonstration and use of medicinal preparations (salves, tinctures, syrups, pills, etc.), formula making, and more with lots of "hands-on" activities. We will prepare a number of herbal products and you'll each have samples to take home.  Meets one evening per week for 8 weeks, plus 2 weekend herb walks.

To register, call 707-442-8157 or go to the Dandelion Herbal Center website at

Tending the Ancestors: Establishing Spiritual Relationship & Beginning Lineage Healing with Michal Mugrage

4 Thursday evenings, October 3 - 24, 6:30 – 9pm,

Cost: $125 for the series

You are linked to your ancestors not only physically but also energetically - receiving imprints of conditioning, traumas, and challenges as well as positive powers and gifts through the energetic field of your ancestral lineage that is written in your very DNA. Come explore practices and sacred ceremony that shifts, heals, and clears the ancient burdens and beliefs carried over from the past into your present.

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