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Ginger Root - Herbal Wisdom Wednesday

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Common Name: Ginger

Latin Name: Zingiber officinale 

Family: Zingiberaceae 

The Blurb: Ginger root is a great herb to keep on hand for its warming qualities and digestive properties. Ginger root is great at reliving nausea, bloat and gas. Peel and chop up a ginger root then simmering on low on the stove with water is an easy and tasty way to soothe your stomach after a large meal or your stomach is generally feeling unsettled. You can even add honey to sweeten it up and make it easy to drink if you aren't a huge fan of ginger! It has also been used traditionally to move stagnant blood, and can help relieve menstrual and general muscle cramps and help with blood flow. Ginger can also be soothing for a sore throat. Ginger is generally safe for most people, but if you have blood clotting issues or blood sugar issues, ask a doctor or herbalist before consuming or using for medical purposes. 

Plant Description: Ginger plants have bright green leaves and orchid-like flowers. The root of the plant, which is used for culinary and medicine uses, is typically pale yellow or a brighter yellow internally, with thin paper like brown skin covering the fibrous root. Large ginger root pieces sometimes resemble fingers, and is usually found in the produce section in fresh form or powdered or in dried pieces in the spice section or at your local herb store. 

-Maisie Moore

 A couple of our favorite tea blends featuring ginger root are the Immune Tea, Licorice Spice Chai and the new Calm Cough!

Kids with upset tummies might enjoy the Herbs for Kids Minty Ginger combo or if they’re feeling under the weather Herb Pharm’s Immune Avenger may help save the day!

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