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Justice - Tarot & Tea

Good day, my merry Moonbeams! Welcome back to Tarot & Tea with your guide, Jessika TuCrow. The card for this week is Justice, pulled from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. Card 11 of the Major Arcana, Justice carries a very serious energy. The most literal interpretation of the Justice card is the presence of legal concerns. Paperwork and court houses are usually not pleasant but can sometimes be unavoidable. Generally speaking, this card reminds us that every action has a consequence. Be honest and accountable, for ethical behavior will lead to fair results. The Justice card is about balance, so be sure to weigh all factors in a situation in order to make the most just decision. You will be the one to answer for the choices you make!


The tea I have chosen to pair with the Justice card is not a blend, but a single herb. Cascara Sagrada, which translates as Sacred Bark, is used in herbal medicine but also in the American folk magic tradition where its primary association is help with legal issues. I would consider Cascara bark a must-have herb for any important visit to the court house. Prior to legal proceedings, burn Cascara Sagrada and pray for a ruling in your favor. Carry Cascara bark and Galangal root in your pocket for a magickal advantage in court. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Cascara Sagrada tea has long held an important place in the herbal pharmacopeias of our area. Often used as a natural laxative, the bark must be aged for one year before use or else can cause severe abdominal cramping… so buy from a trustworthy source like Moonrise Herbs.


Our featured deck for this week is the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. An enhanced rendition of the world’s most iconic Tarot deck, the Universal Waite is as direct as they come. Recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts, the artwork these cards offers more subtle detail in color and shading than the original drawings by Pamela Coleman Smith. I love the Universal Waite because it’s simple, straightforward, and speaks to the traditionalist in me. I recommend this deck for absolutely anyone interested in the Tarot.


You can find the Universal Waite tarot deck here:


And Cascara Sagrada bark here:


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