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Lovely Lavender - #floweressencefriday

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Greetings, moonbeams! It's #floweressencefriday and we thought it would be fitting to talk about Lavender as a flower essence as it is blooming now and is one of the flowers of the sign of Gemini.
As many of you may know already or have just read about the herbal therapeutics and applications for aromatherapy with Lavender in our latest newsletter, we won't cover that here.
Lavender as a flower essence does much of the same thing on an energetic level.... it calms and uplifts the body and mind of those in nervous or high-strung states. It also supports the nervous system, digestive tract, and those who tend to get 5-7 Chakra maladies (neck and shoulder tension, vision problems, headaches, insomnia) can benefit very deeply from an energetic relationship with Lavender. At the deepest level, Lavender flower essences teaches those who feel called to it how to balance and regulate their spiritual-psychic energies. "In this way the soul learns to use its highly sensitive capacities in balance with the physical needs of the body."*
*From the Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski & R. Katz
**You can find Lavender flower essence here:

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