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Avoidance of Truth Haindl Tarot Precarious Peace tarot Two of Swords

Hi, Moonbeams! Welcome to Tarot & Tea. Today’s card is the Two of Swords. Although this card has been titled “Peace” by the Haindl Tarot and other decks, beginning with the Thoth Tarot, the interpretation is not particularly peaceful. More so, the presence of this card in a reading reveals the underlying tension of a seemingly serene situation. Indicative of repressed emotions, hidden stress and stifled hunches, the Two of Swords has completely lost touch with the bold truth and clarity embodied by the ace of the suit. The Two of Swords is accompanied by a passive attitude which stems from indecision or an unwillingness to upset the status quo. Denial of facts can be an issue at play when this card comes up, mainly because facing reality would require action that we might not yet be brave enough to take. Rather than embodying true harmony, the Two of Swords represents the precarious peace maintained only by avoidance of the truth.

 The Moonrise blend I picked out to match this week’s card is Peaceful Tea. Because the Two of Swords does not in itself exemplify peaceful energy, I figured that a relaxing tea could aid in mellowing the edginess of this week’s card. A lineup of soothing herbs calms the nervous system, reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Chamomile, Spearmint, Passionflower, Lemongrass, Skullcap, Roses, Lavender, Catnip, and Stevia join harmoniously to create this yummy, calming elixir. Try drinking this tea to lighten your spirit the next time you find yourself experiencing tense undercurrents of tension.

 I’m working with one of my personal decks this week: the Haindl Tarot. Here is a deck with a very serious feeling behind it. Made more for advanced practitioners, this deck is packed to the brim with esoteric symbolism from around the world. A dark, earthy color palate gives the Haindl Tarot a somewhat grave look, and deeper examination of each card reveals incredible details hidden within rich artwork. There is always something new to discover within the cards of this deck! The format of the Haindl Tarot is unique in that court cards belonging to each traditional Tarot suit are assigned a religious-cultural context as follows: Cups-Scandinavian/Celtic, Wands- Hindu, Stones- Native American, and Swords- Egyptian. I find that the intriguing variety of imagery that this deck offers one of its most exciting qualities.

 Find the Haindl Tarot here:

 And one of our absolute customer favorites Peaceful Tea:


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