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Princess of Pentacles - Tarot & Tea

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Howdy from Texas, my beloved Moonbeams! I’m Jessika TuCrow and I’m just so glad to be able to keep our weekly date for Tarot & Tea. The card for the week is the lovely Princess of Pentacles drawn from my old standby, The Hermetic Deck. Her elemental designation is the Earth of Earth and her title is the Princess of the Echoing Hills. Fecund and fertile, she overflows with the very essence of life itself! She embodies the ability to create abundance from the land and from her body. This card frequently turns up in readings surrounding pregnancy. In a material capacity, the Princess of Pentacles can represent the gestation of wealth and a new career opportunity may be indicated. This beautiful babe is absolutely brimming with potential. Although the Princess of Pentacles is the same card as the Page of Coins, the immaturity usually observed in pages is not present here because the Hermetic deck elevates the princesses to the top of the court card pecking order… making her the ultimate and final embodiment of the element of Earth. Although she is youthful and vigorous in body, she is truly more ancient than the Redwood trees.

The Moonrise herbal tea blend that I’ve matched to this fertile card can be none other than our Pregnancy and Female Toner. Pretty much perfect nourishment in a cup, this yummy tisane is loaded with the goodness of the Gaia. Red Raspberry leaf, Nettles, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Lemongrass, Rosehips, Orange peel, Oatstraw, and Yellow Dock root join with one another to produce an ideal fertility-enhancing tonic. This is an awesome pregnancy tea formula and includes some favorite women’s herbs which have been used for this purpose since antiquity. Although the main aim with this blend is to gently support and tone the female reproductive system, there’s no reason that everyone should not gain the benefits of this delicious and nutritious tea! It’s just as great for men and children as it is for the ladies, actually. To get the most out of this nutrient-dense herbal blend, it can be enjoyed as a strong infusion and I’ve found it is absolutely lovely to drink either hot or cold. I’ve even brewed this tisane into an herbal kombucha with delicious results!

The deck I’m featuring this week the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson, based on the esoteric workings of the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn. This unique, black and white deck is a close cousin of the ever-popular Thoth Tarot and has a definitively occult vibe. Although I probably would not have chosen The Hermetic Tarot to be my closest ally based on personal aesthetic, this somewhat foreboding-looking deck chose me many years ago. In my 16 years of Tarot studies, I’ve found this to often be the case... a particular deck, not necessarily the reader’s “favorite”, seems to form a special connection with a practitioner and come alive! The Hermetic Deck’s bold, hand-drawn black and white illustrations depict astrological, alchemical, and kabbalistic symbols which reveal the mystical knowledge of the famous esoteric order which assembled it. One unusual feature is that, from the standpoint of traditional Tarot, the court cards are all mixed up since this deck depicts the New Aeon. The order is shown in this deck is as follows: Knight, Queen, Prince, Princess. The patriarch, now a knight, now represents the least of the elemental embodiment while the princess becomes the pinnacle. Even though The Hermetic Tarot is the oldest (and most used) in my collection, I often find myself deeply pondering the mysteries of this powerful deck. I recommend it primarily for serious practitioners who are seeking occult gnosis. 



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