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Sentient Thoughts for the Eclipse

As you watch this amazing eclipse (if you can!), here are some wonderful thoughts from Chani Nicholas to be mindful of:
"The planets do not play this week. They do not rest. They do not let us get away with anything short of our best.
So bring it.
Use these days like prayers. Like affirmations. Like you are speaking and acting your way into a new chapter of your life. Personally and collectively.
Eclipses are about both shadow and light. Consciousness and unconsciousness. Brilliance and mystery.
None of us is without our shadow material, our unconscious habits and patterns, our specific style of self-undoing. None of us is without our ability to shine brilliantly. To warm the room. To bring awareness to places of ignorance.
During eclipses, we are asked to understand where in our lives we feel eclipsed. What issues we are harboring that tend to eclipse our ability to heal. What wounds rob us of joy and connection. So that we can bring a little bit more awareness to the work we need to do. So that we can be better agents in the process of the world’s healing. So that we can be better agents in our own healing."
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