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Summer Solstice Blessings!

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"Feel the soil's energy at this time of Summer Solstice.  Feel the energy of growth and nourishment that vibrates in the earth.  Sense the expansion, the throb of life as it flows through the roots & stems." -Arin Hiscock-Murphy

Summer Solstice & Gratitude Ritual
by Raquel Nelson

As the longest day of the year, when the sun’s light & heat is at it’s brightest & strongest, the Summer Solstice feels like a natural time to take a moment for a ritual of gratitude - gratitude for the gifts of the sun and nature and any other thing we feel blessed for.  As the gateway to summer, this solstice imbues an expansive & expressive energy that we can utilize to acknowledge & amplify what we are grateful for and the beautiful potential of what can yet improve.
This ritual can be performed solo or in a group.  You may adjust it to your personal practice (i.e. call corners, elements, etc.) as you wish.  You will need :
-A white, yellow or green candle
-A pen or pencil
-Strips of paper long enough to encircle your candle & straight pins
-A whole bay leaf
-Matches or a lighter

Begin your ritual as the sun approaches it’s highest point, take some time to ground & center yourself and truly bask in the sun’s rays as you contemplate 3 things you are grateful for (it can be more if you wish) as well as 1 strong wish for what you still wish to see or bring about. Once those have been chosen, write your gratitudes on the pieces of paper and your wish on the bay leaf.
Wrap the papers around the candles and place the bay leaf under the center paper. Pin each once they encircle the candle. 
Light your candle and either hold within or place on a heat/fire-safe dish.  You can simply meditate on your blessings and visualize your wishes until the candle burns down or you may wish to utilize a spoken ritual like this:

“Beneath the bright rays of the Solstice Sun, encircled & embraced by our gratitude, we/I light this flame to represent the light that lives within us — the flame that ignites, fuels, and enlivens the gratitude we/I also carry within
We are/I am grateful this day and every day,
For all we/I have named and all we/I have not.

*At this point gaze upon the flame of your candle and really allow your gratitude to fill you up, sink in, and create deep roots. When you feel ready continue….

“May gratitude be my truth.
May my gratitude grow and deepen.
May my gratitude burn brightly within me
like the flame of this candle.
So may it be and so it is.

*You may wish to let the candle burn all the way out or you may extinguish it.  Either way as the flame goes out, remember that you can always call this feeling of gratitude within you just as easily as you may light or re-light the candle with your attention & intention of gratitude for your blessings.

This is also a time to celebrate!  After you have finished your ritual enjoy some delicious food, laugh with dear friends or in any other way you choose.  Let's expand our gratitude and also our joy!

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