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Oyster Fest, Seaweeds & a Raffle, Oh My!

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Oyster Fest, Seaweeds & a Raffle, Oh My!

Since we are so close to Oyster Fest, it seemed natural to celebrate #herbalwisdomwednesday by sharing a bit about the herbs of the sea – Seaweeds!  According to the wonderful tome Ocean Greens, “Seaweed is an umbrella term for the entire group of macroalgae that live in salt water, brackish water or fresh water.  Algae can be divided into two groups: microalgae (unicellular organisms, like chlorella) and macroalgae (multicellular organisms, like seaweed).”   Green Algae (Cholorphyta spp.) – Chlorella and Sea Lettuce are in this category. Love nutrient-dense water.  High protein, iron and mineral content.   Brown Algae (Phaeophyta spp.)...

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