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The Lovers - Tarot & Tea

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As we pass through midwinter and head towards Valentine's, our thoughts are centered on Heart Medicine – what is our path to healing, opening and protecting our hearts? For today's reading, we're using the Pride Tarot, a beautiful collaborative deck with work by many diverse artists from around the world. This deck follows the structure of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck but takes a departure from the classic imagery. 

Interestingly, it is The Lover's card, number VI (6) in the Major Arcana that makes an appearance today. With this card, we see artist Robin Scott's rendering of the 2019 NYC Queer Liberation March with the phrase "An Army of Lovers Cannot Lose". Traditionally this card has meant choices (a cross-roads), relationships, and values as well as symbolizing love and harmony. The Love in this card is often thought of as a matter of soul & psyche rather than passion and romance. We can also view this card as one of communication and communion within ourselves and without...there is often a choice to be made here.

Back to our original query, what does this mean for us? The Love in the Lover's card can refer to finding that person, career, movement, music, etc. that truly resonates with your spirit & soul and choosing that which, after deep and truthful communication with yourself (or potentially someone you are in relationship with), you know deep within you that you absolutely must choose or regret it profoundly.  For our query, it may mean that if we make our choices from what resonates deep within us and what we truly feel & think to be correct, then we cannot fail.  There may be a sacrifice of something (or someone)....and it may be something we hold dear, but if our spirits, hearts and minds are in harmony, then we have made our choice from Love.

As this is a card of choice, naturally two teas jumped out today.  Both contain herbs of Mercury (Lavender, Cinnamon, Basil), contain herbs to ease stress and enhance vitality while also nourishing to the vital spirit within.  Our Fly Me High and Positivi-Tea blends are both simultaneously grounding and uplifting for your physical and emotional body as well as supportive for the Heart center....and they're both delicious!  You can find Fly Me High here and Positivi-tea here.

Find the Pride Tarot here:


**Remember this is just one novice's exploration of this card with this question in mind. Do you feel like The Lovers has another message for us?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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