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We are open on the 4th!

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"One of the many things I love about herbs and herbal medicines is the freedom and health independence it provides. Continue to rebel, grow your own medicines, create your own formulas, learn all you can about herbs, which are truly a form a medicine that belongs to We the People."

- Cat, the Herbal Prepper

We hope this July has treated you all right so far, moonbeams!  We want to let you know that we will be open this Thursday, July 4th for all your herb, spice, medicinal and gifting needs! Need some Rescue Remedy to ease the anxiety fireworks may cause for you or your furry friends?  We got you!

Here's a sweet summer herbal tea recipe you can make for your celebrations....or to celebrate anytime.  To make it a true elixir you could add a splash of your favorite liquor/liqueur or a dropperfull or two of a tasty tincture (like Schisandra) or a nutritive tincture (Nettle or Dandelion would be lovely).  You can also make it more of any herbal punch by adding your favorite fruit juice!

One quart water

1 TBSP dried eleuthero root

1 TBSP green tea

1 TBSP rosehips

1-2 tsp fresh or dried ginger root

2 tsp fresh or dried lemon balm

1 TBSP dried hibiscus flowers

 Fresh lemon slices or roughly chopped berries



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