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2 of Wands - Tarot & Tea

Hello, Moonbeams, and happy holidays! How nice of you stop by for a visit with us for Tarot & Tea today. The card for this week is the indomitable Two of Wands. This is a card of strength, boldness, and personal power. The message of this card is loud and clear: be bold and be true to yourself! Originality is a precious commodity and it can only come from a place of fearless authenticity. The power in the Two of Wands is of a very individual nature. This is the energy that lends you the courage to own your true greatness. Dare to brush aside tired, old conventions and step up into your personal freedom. Seize the day, darlings!


The tea blend which best embodies the energy of the Two of Wands is our feisty Firefly Chai. Although caffeine-free, this tea will really get your blood pumping! It contains a collection of stimulating spices including Ginger, Cinnamon, Red Rooibos, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Vanilla a perfect set of flavors to celebrate the unique glow of your spirit this holiday season.

Our featured deck this week is the Haindl Tarot. Non-traditional imagery and archetypical figures from many world cultures make this deck potent and unusual. Recommended for advanced readers or meditation, the Haindl Tarot is deep and rich. The author of this deck, Herman Haindl, was in inspired by the symbolism of Qabbalah, Nordic runes, I Ching, Native American iconography, and more. The eclectic influences make for beautiful and compelling artwork. Take it from a true Tarot nerd… This deck is absolutely magnificent!


You can find the scrumptious Firefly Chai here:


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