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3 of Wands/Virtue - Tarot & Tea

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Welcome back to Tarot & Tea!  Feeling a bit of a general malaise this morning, I am so happy to share the spiritual synthesis and dynamic creative force of today’s card: the 3 of Wands from the Thoth tarot! This is the perfect card for this time of year as it embodies the inspiration and productivity of the early Spring!

Upon this card, we see the three wands above a fiery star over a blossom of some sort….overall creating the image of a lotus a symbol of purity, regeneration, enlightenment & rebirth.  Lotus flowers also adorn the tops of the three wands. We also see the alchemical symbol for the sun and astrological sign of Aries.

Thoth’s 3 of wands or Virtue card encourages us to shake off our hibernation or rumination and progress toward - what we truly feel with all of our being - is the correct path forward.  When we are working from a harmonious place with body, mind & spirit (inner & outer) this trinity of dynamic creative force will guide us on a path of clarity.  We can see ourselves and our purpose more clearly and thus the path ahead is more clear. Ziegler puts it beautifully, “The 3 of Wands bears flowers that are just opening. Their unfolding is the result of their inner awakening. Body, mind, and soul are in harmony. This situation gives birth to the crystallization of an integrity that knows no spurious compromise.” (Tarot: Mirror of the Soul) The name Virtue can be somewhat confusing for this card but I think Ziegler identifies why really well in this quote.

Our Licorice Spice tea with an addition of Nettle leaf is a wonderful companion to this card.  It contains the enlivening, & blood-moving herbs of Aries: Cinnamon, Allspice, Clove and Ginger balanced by Licorice, Star Anise & Cardamom.  Nettle is, in fact, an Arian herb but is also incredibly nourishing to the physical and spiritual body for the push forward we are about to make.

Do you have any thoughts on today’s card?  Any other herbs or teas you would recommend for it?  Let us know in the comments!

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