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5 of Swords - Tarot & Tea


Hello, Moonbeams. Glad to have you back for another Tarot & Tea! Despite this week’s romantic expectations, the card I pulled is not exactly harmonious. The Five of Swords is an infamous pip with major nasty vibes. I liken this card to the energy of a dog fight. The general message of the card is self-interest; although there is nothing wrong with looking out for number one, we must consider how we are connected to those around us. We must remember that the way we treat others affects us, as well. Sometimes, the Five of Swords may suggest that we need to concentrate on ourselves more, but more likely it’s a sign of dishonorable behavior such as power plays and gloating. A card of discord, the Five of Swords often indicates arguments with others. Are you in a hostile environment? Are you cultivating ill will within your community? It’s important to realize the part we play in any conflict with which we are involved so that we do not lose sight of what is right.

The tea blend that I have chosen to pair with the Five of Swords is our Force Field Broth. The thought process behind this pairing is that this tea can offer us a healthy way for us to look out for ourselves while recognizing our connection to those around us. Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Licorice, Ginger, Orange Peel, Reishi Slices, and Hawthorne Powder all battle as champions on behalf of our personal wellbeing. By showing concern for the preservation of our own health, we can fight the spread of illness within our community.

The deck from which this week’s card was pulled is the delightful Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall. Every card depicts at least one cat, varying from housecats to leopards and lions, making it the perfect deck for any cat lover. This is a classic, Rider-Waite based deck with imagery that combines Siberian and Mesoamerican motifs with sci-fi/fantasy flair. In fact, it’s more than just flair… This deck actually has an elaborate back story regarding a parallel dimension called the Outer Regions where lives a race of humans who greatly revere cats. Each suit of the deck represents a kingdom within the universe, aligned perfectly with the elemental suits of a typical Tarot deck. This highly imaginative deck has a 1970s aesthetic and unexpectedly serious feel to it. Check it out!


Find the Tarot of the Cat People here:


And our Force Field Broth here:


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