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Astragalus - Herbal Wisdom Wednesday

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Common Name: Astragalus 

Latin Name: Astragalus membranaceus 

Family Name: Fabaceae 

Characteristics: Astragalus likes to grow in sunny, grassy areas and grow between 16 to 36 inches; the flowers are light yellow in color. The root is used medicinally, harvested in spring and fall. Traditionally the root was cut up and dried in the sun. 

Constituents: Polysaccharides, Flavonoids and Saponins 

The Blurb: Astragalus is an amazing immune booster. Usually found dried in slices, cut and sifted or powdered, it is gentle enough to be taken over a long period of time and a good anti viral. It is also an herb that helps with lung health. It shouldn't be taken if you have an auto immune disease or people who have high blood sugar or high blood pressure. If you are looking for a good alternative for boosting your immune system, adding astragalus slices to homemade broths or soups, or taking a few astragalus capsules can be a good way to protect yourself and protecting your loved ones with weakened immune systems or those who can not take many different herbs.  

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  • Carmela on

    I have chunks of dried Astragalus. How long should I boil it? What water to chunk ratio? I’d like to make it as tea, is that an option? Thank you! 🥰

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