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Energetic Dosing

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“How much should I take and when?” A very common question when it comes to taking flower essences (and, of course, herbal remedies in general).  As opposed to standardized dosages for, say, tinctures, we need to remember that flower essences work on our energetic healing so the term “less is more” definitely applies!  This #floweressencefriday let’s talk a bit about dosing!

When purchasing flower essences online or in the store, it’s important to remember that these are the “stock bottles” that you will then make your dosage bottles from.  You shouldn’t be taking your dose drops straight from the stock bottle!  To make a dosage bottle, get a 1oz glass dropper bottle and place 2-4 of your appropriate essence (or combination of essences) in the bottle.  You can then fill with water with a splash of brandy and/or glycerine for preservation.  This is the bottle you will take your drops from.  Take 2-4 drops in water or on the tongue up to 4 times throughout the day. When we dose herbal medicinal preparations this way, we call it energetic or “spirit” dosing.

*When creating flower essence combinations remember that they will have differing interactions with each other.  You may wish to do some research before creating a blend**

Long-time herbalisto Jim McDonald gives a great explanation of dosing here:

And herbalist/RN Meagan Visser goes into wonderful detail about the varying factors that come into play for herbal dosing here:

You can find our full selection of Bach/FES flower essences here:

Have any of you made your own flower essences?  Let us know in the comments below!


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