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Four of Swords - Tarot & Tea

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Happy Moonday, friends!  Here on the coast, the gloriously glowing orb we hear is called the Sun has returned to give us a respite from the cold wind and rain and it's times like these that sunlight truly feels like the Universe is smiling upon us if for but a moment.  Likewise, our Card of the Week – The Four of Swords knows we have been through a lot and suggests we make the most of our momentary rest. The Connolly Deck was calling to be used today and the imagery for this card is quite a change from what we find in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.  Instead of the peaceful tomb of a young knight, we find him very much alive at a closed gateway, his path to a coffer of coin blocked by the four swords. He does not seem aggravated or worried, but internally contemplating the best strategy towards what he wants.  This is central to what this card suggest for us today.

 The Connolly Four of Swords invites us to take a moment, take a breath, and reevaluate from a balanced and peaceful place. Whether you are hard at work or one of those lucky souls with time off from work and school today, we may consider not entirely filling this day with activities/errands/general bustle and just taking some quiet time to look deep within to find our best path forward using our own innate creativity and resourcefulness.

Our tea for today may seem a bit strange for quiet contemplation, but bear with me!  Herbal Coffee is a delicious blend of Roasted Dandelion root, Chicory root, Carob and Maca powder. Dandelion is an Air herb and one of the most resourceful plants we know of….it will grow pretty much anywhere!  The medicinal, nutritional, and energetic benefits are many and it is a Jovian (Jupiter-influenced) plant so it has a connection to prosperity although I think it is a treasure in and of itself.  Chicory is also an Air element plant that aids in removing obstacles. Medicinally, it shows great digestive benefit and may help improve the gut biome as well as act as a mild laxative.  Carob has also shown benefit as a digestive aid and energetically it can be used as protection or to maintain good health.  Maca root, along with its many nutritional benefits, is proving to be a marvelous balancer for the adrenals and hormones.

Find the Connolly Tarot here:

And the Herbal Coffee blend:


#moonriseherbs #tarotandtea #tarot #fourofswords #connollytarot #contemplation #recuperation #resourcefulness #creativity #herbalcoffee #balance #strategy #dandelion #chicory #carob #maca

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