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High Priestess - Tarot & Tea

Hello, bright and shining Moonbeams! We’re glad to have you back for more Tarot & Tea. This week’s card is The High Priestess and the message is all about feminine spirituality. As we delve the depths of our own subconscious, we find the wisdom of the Divine Feminine waiting to be unleashed. The High Priestess teaches receptivity to our own inner voice. Our intuition is an invaluable resource as we move through our lives and sometimes the best way to hear that voice is to stop moving for a moment and really take the time to just tune into the sacred mystery within ourselves. What we find there might sometimes surprise us: hidden potentials, unknown talents, and previously unexplored viewpoints are there to be discovered.
I have chosen to create a custom tea blend to pair with The High Priestess, which is card two of the Major Arcana. The two herbs that called out to be included in this High Priestess Tea are Angelica and Mugwort. Angelica has long been revered as a women’s herb and is used magickally for feminine empowerment. Mugwort is a very traditional witch’s herb well known for its spiritual qualities. The blend of these two sacred herbs can be drank as tea or brewed into a beautiful bath tea for visionary experiences. Angelica leaves and Mugwort can also be smoked or burned as incense to provide enhance clairvoyance while practicing divination. There is much to say about these two precious herbal allies and so we will be back to delve deeper into their mysteries with this week’s Herb Blurb. Look for it this Wednesday!
This week’s featured deck is the Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort. “With fresh, contemporary artwork, Sun and Moon Tarot gives a modern twist to ancient cultural symbols from spiritual systems as kabbalism and Taoism. By playfully incorporating mythology and astrology, Vanessa Decort gives unique interpretations of traditional tarot, presenting a deck that is both insightful and accessible.”
You can find the Sun & Moon Tarot here: 
Angelica & Mugwort can be found here:
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