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Letting Go: Autumn Flower Essence - #floweressencefriday

Greetings, moonbeams and welcome back to #floweressencefriday!
Since Autumn is officially here, we thought a nice synergistic blend to mark the season would be appropriate. Inspired by the Rhythm of Beauty Autumn essence, this blend can energetically aid you in cleansing and letting go both energetically and physically (in working with the Earth-Metal element: spleen, lungs, intestine - elimination). This blend corresponds with the Solar Plexus chakra in helping you release what know longer serves you (anxiety, grief, sorrow, etc.) and opens you up to new nurturing feelings and experiences.
Hyssop (You can substitute Vervain & Mustard if you can't find this.)
This calls for equal parts of each essence, but you can increase or decrease the amounts depending on your particular needs/desires.
This can be taken internally via drops or you can add it to spritzers or's up to you!
You can find our flower essences here:
And Hyssop Flower Essence is available here:

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