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Science/6 of Swords - Tarot & Tea

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Hello, dear Moonbeams! Welcome back for more Tarot & Tea. Our card for this week is the listless Six of Swords. This card is about moving away from a stressful situation. Although the fight is finished, we might still be feeling a little traumatized. Feelings of low-key depression or exhaustion are likely indicated and it would benefit us now to just try to focus on getting ourselves through the day. Although this card is certainly not a high point, it also isn't the lowest we've been. When we see this card, the worst is over and we can expect our circumstances to improve from here. In fact, what we're experiencing now is already a great improvement over what we just came through. The Six of Swords denotes a period of recovery and the return of hope. It's easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel from here! Sometimes, it takes a change of scenery to catalyze a transformation of our mindset.

The tea I've chosen to pair with the Six of Swords is The Blues Blend from Mountain Rose Herbs. Nourishing nervine herbs team up to bring us the perfect tea for when we're feeling a little downspirited. Organic Nettles, St. John's Wort, Spearmint, Damiana, Kava Kava, and a pinch of Stevia create a formula that is both relaxing and uplifting. This tea is a useful tool to get us through the occasional rough day, and could also serve as a great daily tonic tea to support those with mild clinical depression. A mildly sweet, minty flavor makes this tea ideal to be enjoyed either hot or iced. However you choose to take it, drinking this tea is a soothing and encouraging experience.*Note: This may not be appropriate for those on anti-depression, anti-anxiety pharmaceutical medications. Please check with your health care provider before drinking.

Our featured deck for this week is the Thoth Tarot. Designed by the infamous English wizard, Aleister Crowley, it is one of the world's most widely used and historically significant Tarot decks. This prestigious deck was painted by Lady Frieda Harris during the years 1938-48, although it was not published until much later in 1969. The images on these cards are potent, to say the least. Packed to the brim with artistic detail and overflowing with esoteric symbolism, many Tarot enthusiasts would agree that the quality of this deck is nearly unparalleled to this day. One signature feature of this deck is named pips, or numbered cards of the Minor Arcana, which results in a deck which seems easier to read. Although it's tempting, I don't necessarily recommend this deck for beginners because I have personally found it to be extremely powerful. The Thoth Tarot seems to be a special favorite of male practitioners due to its strong ties with the tradition of Western Occultism, but it makes a fantastic daily deck for absolutely any mature reader. This is a crucial addition to any Tarot collection!

Find the Thoth Deck available here:

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