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Summer Energetics and Skin!

We don’t know about you folks, but we feel like summer is the perfect time to get out, live joyfully and actively engage with the world around us! These are wonderful things for those who are in balance but some of us may not feel that we are in a balanced state or we may take our summer activity a bit too far, so we’d like to offer some therapeutic notions for when we’re not quite at one with the fiery energy of the season.   Summer is all about movement and healing so for this installment of our Summer Skin Series and #floweressencefriday we want to highlight “sunlight in a bottle” Dandelion Dynamo oil and some gentle reminders of general practices to take care of that precious skin you’re in.

We love the FloraFusion Dandelion Dynamo for it’s light but effective way of melting into our skin and muscles to relieve stress, tension and even pain.  It is highly recommended by regular users as a topical liver tonic, for easing the pain of musculo-skeletal conditions like arthritis or sciatica, and also acute aches and pains from trauma.  This formula contains a very healing, yet energizing blend of Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, Infusion Of Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Flowers, Palma Christi (Castor Oil), Vitamin E Oil; Essential Oils Of Rosemary And Juniper; Flower Essences Of Dandelion, Tansy And Zinnia.

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) summer, naturally, embodies the Fire element and this season is truly when life and energy feel at their peak.  The organs of this season are the heart, small intestines and tongue. When in balance, our summer hearts remind us to live fully and with joy, rise early, enjoy small, light meals, and drink plenty of water.

In similar fashion with Ayurveda, this is Pitta season of fiery intensity! While specific recommendations depend on your particular dosha, general recommendations are akin to those of TCM.  Rise early, do gentle pitta-balancing yoga poses (cat-cow, side openers, twists, child’s pose and forward folds) that release the heat held in the solar plexus, eat small light meals that favor fresh fruits, vegetables and going easy on meat, move gently in your exercise practice so as not to provoke pitta energy and try to get to sleep by 11pm to avoid an over stimulated mind.

We know that great skin comes from a combination of factors; genetics not being the least, but utilizing these relatively simple practices and doing your best to ensure you have a happy liver will go a long way towards giving you a glowing complexion!

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